Accessories for cosplays designed by an engineer from Germany
And ears made with passion

My Story

Cosplay was not always my passion. My wife brought me into the scene. Since I met her, cosplaying and the production of various accessories for the costumes play an increasingly larger role. First I have only distributed my products in the circle of acquaintances and now dare the step to expand my clientele.

My Skills

For years I have been involved in the creation of 3D models both privately and professionally. The skills and experience I now transfer to the creation and production of unique pieces for the cosplay scene.

My motivation

My work is my passion and a positive drive for every day. It makes me grow with every new challenge and thus achieve new goals.


My name is Jan-Erik,
I have been working with 3d modeling and 3d printing for years.
I have acquired my skills  through work in design offices, studies and hobbies. Making assessories for cosplays is especially interesting to me, because they bring special challenges due to their unique shape.
I mainly work with solidworks.